What are Your General Traits?

Everybody holds a path number. This is an essential number in numerology. Your path number is sort of a script for your existence.

Your numerology path number (Pythagorean) is calculated as follows, e.g. for the birth date of November 28, 1983:

  • November is the  11 month - to make it a one digit we take 11 and sum the numbers together 1 + 1 = 2.

  • Now we go ahead and take the day - 28, sum 2 + 8 and obtain 10. 10 still to shorten to a single digit and so 1 + 0 = 1.

  • The next number is the year  1983, we add all individuals numbers together  1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21. Reduce 21 as 2 + 1 = 3.

Lets have a look at what we now have:

  • There exists a 2 in the month, 1 in the day along with a 3 in the year.

  • Add these numbers together as 2 + 1 + 3 = 6 (if this number would have sum up to be be a 2 digit number, you would have shorten it again to a single digit number by adding the 2 digits).

That's it, an individual born on November 28, 1983 will have an existence path number of 6.

So, what are the General Traits of your life path number?


Positive Traits: Independent, assertive, original, inventive, ambitious, decisive, loves new beginnings.
Negative Traits: Arrogant, domineering, self-centered, greedy, quarrelsome.


Positive Traits: Sensitive, detail-oriented, balanced, cooperative, tactful, considerate, persuasive, diplomatic responsive.
Negative Traits: Blunt, scheming, bull-headed, overly sensitive, intolerant, cross, unfriendly.


Positive Traits: Creative, verbally expressive, happy, imaginative, sociable, friendly, joyful, charming.
Negative Traits: Faddish, gloomy, pessimistic, hostile, gossipy, snobbish.


Positive Traits: Dedicated, earthy, trustworthy, practical, methodical, economical, disciplined, orderly.
Negative Traits: Inflexible, narrow-minded, stubborn, dishonest, restricted, crude, discourteous, unyielding.


Positive Traits: Independent, versatile, active, free, progressive, accepting of change, spontaneous, opportunistic, unconventional, enterprising.
Negative Traits: Impulsive, fearful, restless, frenzied, nervous, eccentric, frivolous, shallow.


Positive Traits: Responsible, supportive, caring, appreciative, trustworthy, charitable, dutiful, happy, just, understanding.
Negative Traits: Irresponsible, vindictive, unyielding, possessive, ungracious, cynical, unreliable, hostile, unfeeling.


Positive Traits: Wise, understanding, truth-seeking, analytical, spiritual, specialist, intuitive, studious, solitary, dignified, intellectual.
Negative Traits: Incompetent, critical, impatient, reclusive, proud, extremist, nervous, impractical, eccentric, agnostic.


Positive Traits: Powerful, decisive, authoritative, materially successful, judgmental, balanced, disciplined, responsible, influential, self-confident, pioneering, venturesome.
Negative Traits: Tyrannical, restrictive, rigid, unyielding, fanatical, inconsiderate, militant, cold-blooded, rebellious, fraudulent, aggressive.


Positive Traits: Selfless giver, humanitarian, compassionate, idealistic, broad-minded, creative, loving, humble, understanding, forgiving.
Negative Traits: Greedy, unsympathetic, prejudiced, uninvolved, restrictive, resentful, narrow-minded, bitter, hateful.


It is important to remember that numerology is not an exact science and that just because a number indicates one thing or another about you does not necessarily make it true or mean that it is set in stone. Instead, the numbers can provide us with clues to hidden parts of ourselves, and open our minds to what could be. A full free numerology reading will combine your different numbers in a way that allows a more complete view of yourself than the scope of this short guide can provide.
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